Class Reflection

This semester I had the opportunity to join this Introduction to Language Learning English class. Before the start of the class I had thought that the content would be learning about the different method of learning a language. However, it was not what I had expected. In this class I was able to learn various things including the different teaching method of learning a language and I even had the opportunity to learn and teach a whole new language myself within the span of a month. IN this class we were given the opportunity to split into groups, I was quite nervous at the beginning as I did not know anyone from the class as someone from the education department. Nevertheless, I was able to form a group with my a group of kindhearted people and together we had decided to learn Korean together. At the beginning of our discussion someone had suggested that we should learn Spanish as the vocabulary is relatively similar to English so it would be a lot easier and faster for us to grasp within a short amount of time. Sadly, I had to tell them that we should change into another language since Spanish is my mother tongue and I believe that it would not be fair and I would not have the chance to learn a language. As a group we believed that learning Korean would help us a lot since we are close if you think about it politically and geographically. Korean wave has been increasing Throughout the recent years therefore expectation teaching it will be quite beneficial for everyone.

Being a student of this class had given me the chance to make more friends since communication is one of the most important aspect. The activities of teaching different teaching method made us experience it ourselves with our classmates. We were able to discuss about various topic and share our own thoughts and idea which is very special as this was the only class I had taken which was formatted this way. Our group were also assigned with a teacher assistant that would come around to help us with certain activity and help us check on our progress, this is very helpful for us since there were instances where many of us did not know what. We ha dot do. What was challenging in this class was keeping track of the notebook we had to write since it would sometimes slip out of my mind. Another challenge I had encountered in this class was teaching our classmates, I am not used to teaching people the same age as me so I found it quite hard to adjust to. I felt that I was not yet capable to teach someone a language I was still a beginner. Thankfully everyone was really nice and I was able to teach with ease and this made me think a lot about what improvement I can make when teaching. Overall while taking this class I was also able to witness the different activity my classmates had made for us and learn various languages along the way.


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