Teaching review

We finished teaching the two lesson plan we had arranged for the two day language learning experience. It was a fun and nerve wracking experience as teaching students and classmates are a different matter. I also have had no prior experience in teaching another language moreover one that I am not one hundred percent confident in. Compared to my other member I do have a bit more experience but as English major they did not have any other chances to teach and I thought that for their first time they all did a great job in actively teaching. While teaching they did not just stick on script like lecture but in a friendly way where we found it comfortable to respond. My teammates also supported as so did I when managing the classroom atmosphere and properly helped when needed. My thought on the other grouping teaching us German and Spanish also did an excellent job in trying to incorporate all of what we learned in certain activity and made it enjoyable for learner.

If there was any feedback I would like to give them was that I felt some members were far more advanced than others. In certain groups I also noticed that some member seems to actively participate in teaching while others said a word or two. However, it might be how they split heir jobs and it is not my right to judge but it would have been nice to see them equally engage. During some parts of teaching although I am a novice at the other two language I could see them struggling a tiny bit ; In order to improve and avoid such situations I think they should have practiced a bit more on how to teach before initiating the lesson. Both groups activity where equally engaging by using the games Kahoot to make students more competitive and to test what they have learned in class. Nevertheless, there was a group who started the game well but escalated the difficulty of the games making it that no one knew the answers. The questions the group asked did not particularly match the lesson being taught. The members apologized for the abrupt question but it made students question why the “teachers” apply them and it ruined the overall competitiveness as those who were previously winning lost and vice versa by guessing the answers. As someone who wants to be a future teacher I could see how these question affected the students and what things to evade so that the students do not become confused. To conclude my review I think that it was a very fin experience to learn other languages the lesson where short yet stuck with me. The classroom atmosphere where also very calm and supportive, this lesson taught me a lot about teaching a language to those who are not fluent in it.


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