Teaching experience

Pin-Yi Li
2 min readDec 27, 2020

The week has come where we have to teach the language we learned to our classmates. During this process we had to create a teaching plan that was suitable for an extension of two separate days. The lesson we have to teach is approximately one hour long. As a group we discussed on what type of words we would teach our classmates. Hence, We thought why not teach how to ask and reply when asking for directions. As the language we are going to be teaching is Korean we thought it will be useful to learn direction due to the fact that as a country Korea annually has a plethora of Taiwanese people visiting during vacation.

The day before we had to teach was when we first decided to hold a group meeting in order to decide which two member would go up and become the Korean teacher. The first two teachers chosen will be in charge of teaching vocabularies and sentences used. The way we decided on the members was by lottery which somehow I ended up getting chosen. For my teaching part I got picked to become the teacher of showing how to use certain sentences to ask for direction. On the day of teaching I was well prepared for my content and I had previously rehearsed what was need to say towards my “students”. While teaching I was a confident when I was pronouncing the words as I had asked my Korean friends to teach my and I had also asked a “student”. Overall the process of teaching was going occurring the how we planned the lesson.

Improvement: If I could redo something on that that would have improved the classroom teaching experience would be to add a different activity for the students to do. Learning a language is very difficult if you do not having prior experience or you have never approached it before. Therefore we used the method of constant repetition to install the word into their minds, it might seem boring but we believe that it is the most effective way for students to memorize the phrases. I thought that it we did not teach so many vocabulary or phrases and added a small activity it would have lighten up the students and emotion in the classroom. However, what we taught were necessary for the next lessons plan and that means that it needs to remain unchanged if we limit hour teaching to one hour.