Teaching Review Day 2

For our second day of teaching we had prepared a small warm up for our classmates. The main purpose for creating this warmup was for them to review what they had previously learned. This also gave them a head up on a few reminders on things that might be needed for the next class activity. Our class today were taught by my two teammates and they started by reciting the words our classmates have learned last week. The Korean words that are recited by the teacher would be repeated by the learner and this will go on for a few minutes. The activity we had prepared for that day was to see if our classmates were able to memorize the words we taught them and use them in real life situation. Our main goal got this activity is for our classmates to learn how to ask, listen, and give direction to each other. In case someone does not know the answer to the question we also gave them an option of ‘not knowing’. The activity of asking for direction was spilt into four parts, we had designed a map where A,B,C and D and certain location written down while others had a few parts empty. The only way to complete your map in the activity is if you ask and respond to others classmates question which will then allow you to fill in the empty parts. As a teacher I was able to see how well the students were interacting and trying to figure out their missing location. Although they had a few problem where they were stuck on, with us assisting them they were able to figure things out and move on with the activity.

The teaching we did one the second day was much more easier and smother than the first one. The reason for that was because on the second one you had to explain the words they had to know and see if they were able to use them properly. The second day of teaching on the other hand was more relaxed and fun where you review and applied what was previously learned. From this activity we aimed to provide accuracy through speaking practice in a functional language in the context of asking and giving direction. We also hope that through this lesson our classmates are able to provide specific information through listening practice using a text about finding place son the map in the contest of asking and giving answers. From the lesson i was able to learn different way of communicating and teachung as they are not the typical students i am used to teaching reather they are people my age who have the same academic abilities that i have. The environment and classroom management as a result would be matched to their pace in order for them to have a better learning opportunity.


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